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Full House As Creepy Ritual

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 1, 2010

As we all suspected, there was something terribly evil lurking underneath ’90s TV phenomenon Full House. Taking his cue from the infamous Hawaiian fantasy episode, media remix artist Michael Robinson plunges us deep into a disturbing ritual led by the otherwise-kindly-appearing Uncle Jesse as he prepares the hideously deformed mutant Michelle for sacrifice. Witness the horror in the above embedded video Light Is Waiting.

Actually, the most difficult portion of this video to sit through is the un-manipulated opening sequence. One doesn’t want to rag on young girls or anything, but man these chicks were horrible actresses. However, at least Robinson uses the sequence to bring us into his hypnotic fantasy version of Full House in dramatic fashion. (If you don’t have the full 11 minutes to spare to watch the whole thing, at least watch until the transition sequence, which is a doozy.)

Mirrored image of Full House Hawaiian vacation

Robinson then combines a couple simple video manipulation techniques — mirror-imaging and speed-slowdown — to present a terribly haunting effect. What appears to be a bizarre concert sequence is transformed into an otherworldly spectacle, complete with what appears to be a very large, appreciative cult and freakish leader. When the mirrored John Stamos’ faces come together, they form what looks like a skull in the space between.

Most disturbing, though, is the mirroring of either Mary-Kate or Ashley Olson into an amorphous blob resembling the serial killing creature Belial in Frank Henenlotter’s horror classic Basket Case.