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Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare: Pre-Order on DVD

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 25, 2007

Disgusting green monster with fangs

Director John R. Hand writes to say that his debut feature, the experimental horror flick Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare, will be out on DVD May 22 from Unearthed Films, but you can go to Amazon.com right now and pre-order it.

I reviewed this creepy little feature back in Sept. and I greatly recommend checking it out on DVD. If I can go off on a rant here a little bit, I’m a huge horror movie fan, but I don’t quite get the current trend of “torture porn” films, e.g. the Saws, the Hostels, Captivity, Touristas, etc. True, I haven’t seen that many of them beyond the first Saw, but I don’t understand the appeal at all beyond the simplistic idea of encouraging audiences to insert themselves into the victim roles.

So, it’s nice to see somebody like Hand doing something completely original. And I don’t mean taking an old idea and slapping a new veneer on it. I mean creating something unique and innovative and experimental. Frankensteins Bloody Nightmare is a horror film that digs deep into your psyche without the traditional horror formulas and expectations.

For more information, please visit the film’s official site.