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Frank Frazetta (1928 — 2010)

Frank Frazetta, the legendary fantasy artist, passed away on May 10. While Frazetta didn’t work in the realm of underground films, our friends at Pitch Films have posted up video of a trip to the Frazetta Museum in Bushkill, PA that I’ve embedded above to honor the man. (Some of the paintings are NSFW, just so you know.)

The video is basically just shots of Frazetta’s paintings on the walls, but seeing them displayed like this just crammed in and covering the walls really gives one an idea of the astounding amount of work this man produced during his lifetime. It’s gives you a different impression of his work than just looking at scans of it that people have been posting all week.

Also, Frazetta painted lots of movie posters over the years, but he did officially work on the production of one film. For the animated fantasy Fire & Ice, Ralph Bakshi and Frazetta created the characters together; then the script was written by comics authors Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway. You can get Fire & Ice on DVD.