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First Poster: Gallino: The Chicken System

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 16, 2012

Gallino: The Chicken System movie poster

Spanish underground filmmaker Carlos Atanes has released a funky and enigmatic teaser poster for his latest upcoming film, the highly anticipated Gallino: The Chicken System. And, no, the poster delivers no indication what a “chicken system” might be.

From the film’s official website, the synopsis reads:

Gallino, the Chicken System is a feature film about an strange meeting at night in a poultry store lost in Antarctica. A story full of lechery, sarcasm, extravagance, impossible geometries, discovery of existence’s hidden sides and a pinch of Magick. As it is usual in Carlos Atanes’ filmography, Gallino is an unclassifiable film, with no genre, an amazing immersion into diffuse cracks between dream and reality. A multi-layer matryoshka doll programmed for spreading out in the viewer’s unconscious.

To learn more about Carlos Atanes, please visit his index page on the Underground Film Journal.

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