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First Look: Bob Moricz’s Bumps

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 9, 2009

Ok, you caught me. The above embedded trailer is actually the second one, not the first, for Bob Moricz‘s underground feature film Bumps, the touching story of six teenage girls who make a pregnancy pact. The film is inspired by a story that may be or may not be true about high school girls entering such an arrangement in Gloucester, Massachusetts last year. In Moricz’s film, yes the girls do make a real pact and that’s when the insanity begins.

Pregnant Catholic high school girls

I was all set to post up Moricz’s first trailer for the film a few weeks ago, but I held off when he said a second one was in the works. That first trailer is embedded below and I like it a lot because of the music, but the second trailer really gives a better sense of the film.

I have also yet to see a feature film by Moricz, although I’m very enamored of his short films. His Slut Shack is a classic, so I’m really looking forward to this one. Love the premise, love the drama between the girls exhibited in the trailer, love the music, so it looks like a wild ride.

Watch the first trailer now:

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