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Filmmakers Post Videos, Too

This is a follow-up to my previous viral video post discussing the demise of the Internet video “star” and how underground films fit into the online video world. Mainly what I wanted to get at here is that while I post a lot of individual videos on the Underground Film Journal, filmmakers are posting way more videos online than I can write about and promote. And, you should go check ’em out.

While I’m always discovering new people who put their work up online, I want to at least present a sampling of the filmmakers I currently look for content from today. I find that subscribing to filmmakers “channels” on sites like YouTube, Vimeo and their ilk is like having a continually updated personal screening room. Some filmmakers are more prolific at putting stuff up — I think both Jeff Krulik and Andre Perkowski are gunning for some sort of record — but there’s always something new and interesting to watch by somebody. The list below is in no particular order:

Rebecca Conroy: YouTube
That’s Conroy’s short film Above Ground embedded above. I just love her deadpan style and she posts up short films, “camera tests” and other experiments.

Jeff Krulik: YouTube
Krulik is the greatest documentarian to walk the planet — don’t believe me? — and he posts lots of his old short classics, random bits from his personal life, videos he’s collected from other people and more. It’s a real treasure trove of great videos.

Raymond Salvatore Harmon: YouTube, Vimeo
The line where technology and spirituality cross over, that’s where you’ll find Harmon’s videos. Best viewed in Vimeo’s higher quality.

Bob Moricz: YouTube
Demented short films and loads of psychotically random clips from various projects from Portland’s most outre filmmaker.

Jennifer MacMillan: YouTube
Need to zen out? Then tune in to MacMillan’s hypnotic film poems.

Andre Perkowski: YouTube
Perkowski is a busy, busy man. Years of cinematic weirdness that have been filling up in his home have now spilled out to confound and bemuse audiences online.

Carlos Atanes: YouTube, Blip.tv
Spain’s enfant terrible posts up trailers and clips from his feature films, as well as entire surreal short films and bits from works in progress.

Sam Barnett: YouTube
Doesn’t matter if it’s live action or animation, Barnett’s short films are beautifully twisted pieces of art.

Martha Colburn: YouTube
Thank goodness Colburn recently started putting up entire short films online. Her painted animations are wild, chaotic, gorgeous, insightful and strikingly original masterpieces.

Usama Alshaibi: YouTube, Vimeo
The transgressive filmmaker out of Chicago posts up the most outrageous and beautiful things, from music videos to short films to teases for his feature-length works that’ll shock the pants right off of you.

Kenneth Hughes: YouTube
Hollywood actor slash underground filmmaker Hughes makes such curious little things.

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