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Filmmaker Mike Olenick And Crystal

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 26, 2014

Naked Mike Olenick cradles his striped cat Crystal

Mike Olenick says: This summer I’ve been shooting a new short. I was doing a lighting test against a photo backdrop for the video, and I instinctively picked up Crystal and snapped our picture.

Underground Film Journal says: Mike Olenick is a fantastically gifted visual filmmaker. His latest film, Red Luck, is an unsettling and startling mini-masterpiece. At this year’s Chicago Underground Film Festival, the Journal was on the jury that gave the film the Best Looking Award. You can watch the trailer for it below.

We also believe Mike has just upped the ante when it comes to Filmmakers and Their Cats submissions.

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Trailer for Mike Olenick’s Red Luck: