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Filmmaker Elisabeth Desbiens And Petit-Poux

Filmmaker and dancer Élisabeth Desbiens attempts to write her next script with some help black kitty Petit-Poux.

Élisabeth Desbiens says:


I love my cat. She is called Petit-Poux. She’s always sitting on my table between my arms while I’m writing scenarios on my computer.

Underground Film Journal says:

Élisabeth Desbiens has a background in both filmmaking and dance, so it’s no wonder that several of her lovely films, such as On the Strand — which is embedded below — combine both her passions. On the Strand is quite stunning to look even if one does not know the language. (It’s in French.) Perhaps she will also make a film someday featuring her third passion, the darling Petit-Poux.

But, seriously, her work is just gorgeous and you can find out more about Élisabeth at her filmmaker website.

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