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Filmmaker Duncan Reekie And Tikky

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 14, 2014

British filmmaker Duncan Reekie cradles his striped cat Tikky in his arms.

Duncan Reekie says:

My Cat is currently named Tikky and lately he’s been waking me up by biting my face at 6am. I make all kinds of films and I also perform with film and music. Recently, my work has gone a bit abstract and psychedelic, but I’m now making a short documentary about the London Exploding Cinema Collective.

Underground Film Journal says:

We first became aware of Duncan Reekie way, way back in 2001 when he screened his collaborative film, Maldoror, at the New York Underground Film Festival. The film was ostensibly a feature-length adaptation of the controversial 19th century poetic novel in which a different filmmaker was to adapt a different chapter of the book. Some did, some made their own unrelated short film, creating a confusing and highly entertaining cinematic experience.

Duncan has been a central figure of the Exploding Cinema that he is currently making a documentary about. Plus, in addition to making films and curating screenings and events, he wrote the mind-blowing history of British underground filmmaking Subversion: The Definitive History of Underground Cinema that is mandatory reading for any underground film nut, like ourselves.

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