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Feature Film Online: Halloween On 6th Street

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 24, 2010

Here’s a great film to get  you really in the mood for Halloween. Heck, it’d be fun to watch any time of the year. It’s the documentary Halloween on 6th Street, directed by Chris Blankenship and Michelle Canning, which profiles what just might be the scariest city in America: Austin, TX. They sure do love their Halloween down there! In particular, the film follows Bud Hasert, who spends every year trying to create a massive, outrageous costume that will top the one he created the previous year. Hasert wears his creations at the humongous party that gathers on 6th Street in Austin’s historic district. Watch the entire feature film embedded above.

Hasert’s costumes are completely insane. And, after seeing what he comes up with for the specific Halloween the film covers, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll ever create anything this awesome ever again. But, knowing this guy, he probably will.

Now, lots of people get together with friends every Halloween and dress up as the cast of The Wizard of Oz as a group. However, when Hasert does it, not only does his fiancee and friends dress as the Steampunk version of Oz, but Hasert’s Toto costume has to be seen to be believed. He transforms himself not into the cute little doggie in the film, but as a hulking behemoth with a flying monkey riding his back. Also, most four-legged costumes require two people to operate it. However, Hasert figures out a way to manipulate the entire thing just by himself. It’s incredible.

In addition to Hasert’s story, Blankenship and Canning also go over the history of Austin’s 6th Street, which went into a real decline in the ’70s, but eventually bounced back into a popular historic district with bars, restaurants and other hangouts. The Halloween gathering started out as a tiny little event put on by a blues concert theater owner and has grown into an annual festival with hundreds, possibly thousands, of attendees.

The filmmakers also find plenty of other Halloween obsessed characters who live in Austin. There’s the woman who runs Austin’s Ghost Tours, a suburban homeowner who fills her yard with Halloween-themed displays and dioramas, a professional haunted house-maker and more.

It’s a film that’s going to make you feel totally ashamed of whatever Halloween festivities you might have planned yourself.

For more on the film, please visit the official Halloween on 6th Street website.

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