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Feature Film Online: Damon Packard’s Foxfur

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 23, 2014

Watch the universe scream when the planet’s top UFO experts go missing in Damon Packard‘s dizzying sci-fi adventure Foxfur.

The titular character, Foxfur, is a concerned young woman who springs into action when she discovers that two iconic UFO conspiracy theorists, David Icke and Richard Hoagland, mysteriously vanish. Her journey to find the missing men takes her on an otherworldly journey across a past and present Los Angeles landscape in which reality is quickly breaking down.

Foxfur is a deliriously enjoyable romp in which Packard swirls together a hodgepodge of sci-fi concepts along with his usual arcane knowledge of obscure pop culture artifacts. (Does anybody else remember a TV show called Wizards & Warriors?)

From the Underground Film Journal’s original review of the film:

Foxfur’s fragmentary nature, though, is perfectly suited to the film’s themes of time travel, space travel and other dimensional activity. On the one hand, the film can be perfectly carved up into short little film chunks that could possibly exist on their own. But as the character Foxfur travels through various realities in her different incarnations, the overall plot is consistent enough throughout so that the film works as a cohesive whole.

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Paris Wagner as Foxfur