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Movie Review: Fantasia 2000

It was appropriate that the first movie I saw after that whole underground film festival nonsense would be FANTASIA 2000. And you know what? I liked it.

It wasn’t necessarily my choice to go see it, but I’m easily swayed. This was the other weekend and I was at a comic book convention where I bought some more Silver Age Lee/Kirby MIGHTY THORs, a ton of crappy STAR TREK comics for fifty cents each (the DEEP SPACE NINEs are decent, but the VOYAGER ones suck) and, what I consider to be one of the finds of a lifetime, a couple of underground ARCADEs from the mid-’70s for five bucks a pop. ARCADE is a legendary anthology series that was edited by Art Spiegelman (MAUS) and Bill Griffith (ZIPPY THE PINHEAD) and featured a smorgasbord of legendary underground cartoonists: Robert Crumb, Spain, Gilbert Shelton, Kim Deitch, Diane Noomin, Aline Kominsky, S. Clay Wilson, Jay Lynch and one issue even has an original story by William Burroughs. You can’t beat that. Plus, they’re practically in mint unread condition. Well, it was exciting for me, anyway.

But at the convention I met up with my friend Len from work and his girlfriend Lee. They’re not into comics, but Len collects models of horror movie monsters. Unfortunately, there was a competing convention in Newark the same day and most of the model dealers were over there, so Len was pretty much shit out of luck.

Afterwards Len wanted to do something nice for his woman, so that’s why we ended up seeing FANTASIA 2000. FANTASIA is only playing in Imax theaters and the one in Manhattan was just a couple blocks from the convention. Except Len didn’t want Lee to know where we were going, so we had to keep it a secret from her. Normally I would think that was cute, but this day it wasn’t holding water due to the shit-ass mood I’ve been in the past couple weeks. Then, she figured it out anyway and we had to joke that we weren’t going to see FANTASIA 2000, so it was a whole bizarre little thing.

But I enjoyed the flick. Great animation. Excellent music. Typical sappy Disney schmaltz. There’s one lame segment with a flamingo playing with a yo-yo, but Donald Duck on Noah’s Ark set to the music of “Pomp & Circumstance” is killer. But I’m a big Donald Duck fan, so I was bound to like it. Both Daisy and Donald think the other one didn’t make it on the ark and they keep missing each other. Very sad. Yes, I have a heart sometimes!

After I saw the film, though, I didn’t rush home to write a review. I didn’t really particularly care about writing about it. It didn’t inspire me to anything. Just some pleasant escapist fare, which isn’t bad to have every once in awhile. It was a nice day out with my friends, despite my minor bitchiness that I wrote above.

However, I was inspired this weekend by one of my patron saints: Michael Moore. Mr. Moore is now writing original weekly columns for a website called grassroots.com. I’m not sure how I feel about the site, yet. The news on the homepage is dangerously mainstream. It’s tough to tell if the people behind this thing are truly committed human beings or just another Internet business trying to sell me a lifestyle. Whatever grassroots.com is, where Michael is I gotta see what he’s up to.

His first column was about how proud he was not to vote in this past primary. He has some good arguments and, as always, he brings up interesting issues. He also is not shy about giving out his personal email address, so every once in awhile I will write him if his words inspire me to do so. He never writes back, so I don’t know why I do it.

Anyway, why this new column of his inspired me so was because this was the very first primary I ever voted in and I found it to be a very thrilling and exciting experience. What I’m reprinting below is my actual email to Mr. Moore. I don’t know, I just want to share it with everyone:

I just read your piece on grassroots.com as you instructed I do (fuck that, I read it because I wanted to). I totally agree and understand your decision, but I want to relate my little story.

This was actually the first year that I voted in a primary election and I can’t believe how thrilled and excited I was. For real!

I’ve always been registered as an Independent and thus was never able to vote in a primary. However, last year I moved to NYC and while I was getting my driver’s license for this state, I noticed that the voter registration form I was given listed the Green Party as a choice. Sign me up!

At the time, I didn’t know too much about the Greens other than Nader ran for President for them 4 years ago, so I did question allying myself with them. But I figured I could always change my registration at a later time.

Since then, I have joined a NYGreen listserve and am privy to much of their internal debates and party dealings so I can learn as much as I can about “my” political party.

While I’m still not sure if they totally have their stuff together, I do find them a hard working bunch who believe in the things I do. Obviously every organization is going to have internal strife and personal politics. So despite some petty bickering, I find the Greens that I get email from to be dedicated and committed to changing our political spectrum.

I was also to discover that this was the first year the Greens were allowed to have a Presidential primary. Unfortunately, though, being the new kids on the block the Board of Elections banned us from the voting booths and we had to vote with paper ballots. Then, of course, a good deal of our votes (at least in Brooklyn where I live) were voided because poll workers didn’t know how to follow proper procedure with filing them. Trying to get the BOE to reconsider the voided votes, the BOE isn’t going to care to look into the situation since the Greens collected so few votes anyway.

Regardless, it looks like Nader is going to win our party’s nomination (I think, don’t quote me). Do I think Nader has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning? Hell no! But I was proud to vote for him anyway. So many people voted for him last time is what gave the Greens the opportunity to be a part of the primary process this year. And while the Greens (at least in NY) have gotten royally screwed by the BOE at least we’re making headway a little bit at a time.

Peace out,
mikE Everleth

Yeah, I stuck in a little plug for┬áthe Underground Film Journal at the end. Friggin’ bastid will probably never even look at my site, either. Oh well, I still love him. If you want to check out his site, and I strongly suggest everybody does, it’s www.michaelmoore.com.