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Even More MUFF

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 22, 2006

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You can find the list of 2006 Melbourne Underground Film Festival award winners here, as well as a mid-fest report here. Ok, it’s a compilation of reports I gathered from other people, but I’m going to do another comp right now as I’ve found more stuff:

1) The director of Gamers, Christopher Folino, reports having a grand ol’ time for his screening on his MySpace blog, having made the trip all the way from Los Angeles to Melbourne. Chris had such a great time Down Under, he skips reporting on the actual screening. Says that info is “coming soon,” but I don’t have that yet as of this writing. Melbourne sounds like a lovely city from Chris’s account and controversial founder Richard Wolstencroft gets a “thumbs up.”

2) The Age newspaper files another MUFF report, this time celebrating the short film award winner, Remembering Nigel by Frank Howson. Frank says his screening “brought the house down.” Also, another potential controversy has arisen in that The Age reports that the film is the sole award winner, when it did in fact tie with Penny by John King. It just makes me wonder what was up with MUFF’s notification system.

3) Somebody named “the artist formerly known as the guild guy” reports that the shorts he saw at MUFF were on the mundane side.

4) The Esoteric Rabbit (filmmaker Matthew Clayfield) reports that his retrospective screening on Sunday night was attended only by friends and family. Matthew says he had a good time anyway.

5) Finally, and I missed this the last post, the Indie Film Nation podcast site includes an interview with festival director Richard Wolstencroft during this broadcast. I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m not yet up on this whole “podcast” phenomenon thing.