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Episodes 1-3: Overdose In The Hospital Of Love

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 8, 2010

The state of U.S. health care is about to get a whole lot worse now that Bob Moricz has unleashed Overdose in the Hospital of Love, a psychedelic, psychotic and schizophrenic 15-part webseries that’s guaranteed to make you feel ill. (In a good way). Episode One, “Fang,” which is embedded above, introduces us to the deranged Dr. Fang (played by Moricz himself) whose secret experiments are threatened to be exposed by a nosy detective. Plus, there’s a sex-crazed cannibal nurse on the loose and more crazies than you can shake a catheter at.

The episodes are all fairly short — in the three-minute range — so I’ve also embedded the next two below. Each one introduces a couple new characters, giving the series the feel of a real soap opera with an ever expanding cast.

Woman smiling in front of a pink background

But, with such short episodes, the action moves at a fairly intense pace. Plus, Moricz’s style for the series is particularly chaotic, with the psychedelic green screen backgrounds that bleeds into the actors, the intrusive feedback-drenched score and the dizzying herky-jerky camera movements and zooms. At the same time, though, it all feels fairly cohesive with a clear forward momentum.

Episode Two is entitled “Wanda” and expands the role of the hospital administrator briefly glimpsed in Episode One. But, there’s also a longer introduction to the new character Tommy Trykill, a patient and musician excited by the drugs available to him:

Episode Three is titled after another female character, “Evelova,” who is hit on by a hospital official. Plus, Wanda begins to act even more strangely:

To watch the full series, please visit their page on Vimeo. And to learn more about Bob Moricz, please visit his official blog.

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