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En Route To 2011 Comic-Con

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 22, 2011

Today marks the Underground Film Journal’s 3rd annual one-day trip to San Diego’s Comic-Con media convergence. One of these years, I’ll up it to two-days.

This year, I’m mostly curious about two things.

1. This is the first time I’m going on a Friday and not on a Saturday. So, I’m wondering if my experience will be less of the insane madhouse the place is on a weekend day.

2. This is also the first time I’m set up to post articles directly from the convention, instead of having to wait a day or two to write things up.

This post is itself actually a test of my mobile blogging capabilities. But, just because I can (possibly), will I? Will I find enough underground-worthy items to post up quickly? Will I be happy to type on my little pad in the crush of the moment? We’ll see.

I’m already missing the two big underground events of the Con. Yesterday was animator Bill Plympton’s panel talk that I really wanted to attend, but circumstances dictated I come today.

Then, tonight is the screening of Waylon Bacon’s Help Wanted at the CCI Film Festival that is playing way too late for me to stay for. But if you’re at the convention, go check it out as the film is amazing.

Train I’m riding from L.A. to San Diego is a relaxing ride, but does take close to three hours. More if you count traveling to the dang train in the first place.

At least it gives me time to write.

Here’s crossing my fingers and hoping this goes live.

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