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Elevator Movie And Waiting For NESARA On DVD!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 7, 2008

DVD covers for 2 independent movies

Well, this is the best news of the summer. (It is still summer, isn’t it?) Heck, it might be the best news of the year! But director Zeb Haradon‘s two masterpieces, Elevator Movie and Waiting for NESARA, are both now available on DVD. Well, Elevator Movie will be out this Tuesday, Sept. 9, but NESARA is out now.

When I first started devoting my energy to the¬†Underground Film Journal, Haradon was one of the first directors to send in films for review and they’re still two of my favorites of the past couple years. Here’s my original review for Waiting for NESARA and the one for Elevator Movie and you’ll see just how fantastic I thought they were.

Previously, the films were available from Haradon via IndieFlix, which is a great service. But now the films are being put out by Pathfinder Home Entertainment and you can find ’em at your finer DVD outlets.

Elevator Movie was Haradon’s first film and it’s a surreal exercise about a horny young virgin (played by Haradon) and a Born Again ex-slut who get trapped in an elevator for weeks, months, if not years on end. The main plot revolves around Haradon desperately pleading for the girl to break away from her religion and have sex with him. It’s a really ingenious, smartly plotted and terrific dialogue.

Waiting for NESARA is a very different film and one I was such a fan of, I made it my 2006 Movie of the Year. It’s a documentary about the Open Mind Forum, a group of disgruntled ex-Mormons who, desperate to believe in something, believe in a bizarre cult that thinks Jesus is going to return to Earth to eliminate taxes and destroy George W. Bush, who is actually an evil space lizard. Hey, stranger things have happened, right?

I’ve been pushing these two films for years, so I’m glad a wider audience can have access to them now. This is a pair of really smart, mind-boggling films that I can’t recommend enough. Please go check them out. You can probably get them most anywhere, but here are their Amazon links: Elevator Movie and Waiting For NESARA.