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Dryden Theatre: Jeff Krulik In Person!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 7, 2011

Exterior of the entrance to the Dryden Theater

July 8 & 9
8:00 p.m. (both nights)
The Dryden Theatre
900 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607

Hosted by: The Dryden Theatre

The world’s greatest documentary filmmaker, Jeff Krulik, will make a special two-night live appearance at the Dryden Theatre on July 8 & 9! On July 8, he will be screening his latest masterpiece, Heavy Metal Picnic, along with his most infamous film, Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Then, on July 9, he will screen a collection of his legendary short docs, such as King Of Porn, Obsessed with Jews, I Created Lancelot Link, Ernest Borgnine On The Bus, Mr. Blassie Goes To Washington, and more.

Twenty-year-old guy makes out with a thirteen-year-old girl in a scene from Heavy Metal Marking Lot

As great an opportunity to see any collection of Krulik’s work may be, it’s really a special bonus to go hear him speak in person. He is an amazing yarn-spinner and, listening to him talk, you really get to understand what makes his films so wonderful. His passion for life and all its eccentricities have been fueling his career for 25 years.

(And, on a personal note, if I can be so bold, this screening thrills me to no end for two reasons. 1. One, obviously, I am a fan of Jeff’s to the point of almost becoming a stalker. 2. The Dryden Theatre is one of the best theaters in the universe. When I was going to film school at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the Dryden fueled my own passion for underground film by screening many of the classics, such as Scorpio Rising, Sins of the Fleshapoids and Meshes of the Afternoon, which, in the days before DVDs and online video, was just about one of the only places to witness such spectacles. So there.)

We’ve extolled Jeff Krulik’s considerable talents endlessly on the┬áthe Underground Film Journal and, with the exception of Heavy Metal Picnic, most of his work can be seen online. But, we can’t stress enough the real joy of this event is the filmmaker appearing in person. So, by whatever means necessary, get to this screening.

For just a taste of Krulik’s talents, we’re embedding a quick clip of his: Lunch With Mr. Chung.