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Crowdfunding: Jason Kupfer’s M Is For Masks

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 11, 2013

Drawing of a dollar bill with the word zero written on it

Filmmaker Jason Kupfer, who is a remarkable visual stylist, is about to begin production on his latest short film, M Is for Masks.

Although this short is intended for the director’s competition for the upcoming feature anthology sequel The ABCs of Death 2, knowing Kupfer’s strong knack for visual storytelling, this short will be a great viewing experience whatever the screening context. (We think he’s got a great shot at making it in, too.)

So, why not help support this talented young artist by contributing to his Indiegogo crowdfunding campain for M Is for Masks? He’s offering lots of great rewards and is even promising to refund donations if the film gets selected for The ABCs of Death 2. That’s not something one sees much in funding campaigns.

Kupfer is probably most well-known for his previous short horror film The Sleuth Incident, a stunning and bloody extravaganza about a teddy bear that goes on a vicious rampage. The film is available to wach online.

More recently, and in a non-horror exercise, Kupfer directed the Matt Pond music video for the song “Hole in My Heart,” a joyous celebration of Orlando, Florida nightlife.

Watch that music video below, and below that, please check out Kupfer’s fundraising efforts for M Is for Masks and consider helping this very talented filmmaker out.