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Confusions Of An Unmarried Couple: New “Festival Edition” DVD

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 10, 2007

Poster featuring a painting of a young man and a young woman

Writer/Director/Star Brett Butler has let me know that there’s a new “festival edition” DVD of his relationship drama/comedy Confusions of an Unmarried Couple for sale from his production company’s website, Substance Productions. You can click that link there to find out more about the film to buy it directly from the filmmaker.

The Underground Film Journal reviewed the film back in April and here’s the meaty part what I wrote:

The film is primarily a guy’s affair, which is obvious since it’s the product of two brothers, so it’s also not a shock that it all is mostly carried on star Brett Butler’s shoulders. But the movie never comes across as a mere vanity piece. As Dan, Brett is very amiable and likeable in a sort of unlikeable way. Since he wrote for himself the juciest part, it’s nice that you never get the feeling that he’s trying to upstage his female co-star or that he’s trying to dominate the proceedings even though he gets more screentime. Although a Canadian, Dan seems like he’d be just as comfortable hanging out in Richard Linklater’s Austin, TX, especially when he’s laying the bullshit philosophizing about relationships on extra thick and creamy.

It’s a really great acting job by Brett and the film has some really good, raw and honest relationship interactions, well, post-relationship interaction, I suppose. Buy the film now.