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Coming Soon: We Are Wizards

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 29, 2007

Portraits of Harry Potter fans

Josh Koury, co-founder of the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival and director of Standing By Yourself (Underground Film Journal review here), asked if I could help promote his latest documentary, We Are Wizards. Hell, yeah! Sounds like a great film. Here’s the official description:

We Are Wizards tracks the influential figures leading the creative subculture surrounding the popular series. The film follows a set of individuals ranging from web journalists, authors, artists, filmmakers and musicians, as they enhance and expand the Harry Potter story, often in unexpected ways.

I’m not what you would call a huge Harry Potter fan, but I do love the books. As I write this, I’m currently about a quarter into the last one, The Deathly Hallows, desperately trying to finish it before some crappy spoiler ruins it for me (tho’ I’ve been doing pretty good in that dept. so far). If I were a diehard fan, I’d probably be done with it by now. Also, the only film adaptation I’ve sat through was The Order of the Phoenix the other weekend. I’ve heard it wasn’t the best of the bunch, but I happened to enjoy it, probably because I didn’t have much expectation. The movie didn’t have a Quidditch match in it? Who cares!

But I’m extremely interested in seeing the film. Mostly because with Standing By Yourself, Josh did an excellent job of capturing his subjects’ natural behavior, which was behavior they probably shouldn’t be exhibiting in front of a camera. I would expect Josh could get the same amount of candor and naturalism out of the Potter-heads, or whatever these fans call themselves. Who even knew there was such a massive subculture arising out of the books? Is it as big or bigger than the Star Wars phenomenon? There’s actually a genre of music called “Wizard Rock”? I’m intrigued.

Josh hopes to have the film completed sometime in early ’08. Should be a real hoot. If you’re as pumped for it as I am, you can keep track of developments at the We Are Wizards official site.

Note: You can now watch this underground movie streaming online here.