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Colonia #8

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 10, 2003

Colonia #8

This latest issue of COLONIA demanded an almost immediate re-reading.

Creator Jeff Nicholson pulls us out of his carefully reconstructed historical world and yanks us into yet another alternate timeline. Our hero, Jack, and his new gal pal, Sally, find themselves in the land of Seminolia — a place where Indians are the sole occupants of North America.

I was a bit thrown off by the change of locale this time out, which prevented me from fully enjoying the story on the first pass. Much missed were the two pirate queens, Anne Read and Bonnie O’Malley, as well as Jack’s talking duck companion, Lucy. Well, a few of them appear in just a panel or two and at least ship-less captain Cinnabar makes a humorous appearance on the last page.

But a second reading of this installment brought a better appreciation of the rendering of Seminolia — grand adobe-style villages and castles, as well as great detail work in the lavish costumes of the world’s inhabitants. Nicholson continues to expend a rewarding effort in crafting his exacting and realistic alternate histories.

I also assume that this one-issue diversion will have repercussions down the line on the grander COLONIA stage; and a curious exchange with Sally guarantees her re-appearance in a future storyline, which will be entirely welcome.

Another fun, fascinating issue from this remarkable all-ages adventure book.