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Clean Freak: The Trailer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 7, 2008

This has actually been up for a week or two, but I missed it. Filmmaker Chris Hansen has put up a trailer for his autobio-documentary Clean Freak, which we were lucky to get a review copy of. Here’s some of what I said in my original review of Clean Freak:

I also thought it was quite the risky move for Hansen to perform as himself. He’s not an actor as far as I know, but he’s very natural being on camera. So, even when it’s clear he’s hamming it up for a gag, the gag never feels forced or separate from the truly confessional moments. Because of his naturalness throughout the film, it’s easy to slip from real to “imaginary real” without the film suffering from any distracting shifts in tone.

Yeah, that sounds pretty damn good, right? There’s also an official website for the film, too. Below is a nice taste of the film. (Update: You can watch the entire version of Clean Freak online.)

Filmmaker Chris Hansen places his hand over a camera lens so he can't be filmed

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