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Clean Freak: Screenings And Awards

Filmmaker Chris Hansen puts his hand over a camera lens

Filmmaker Chris Hansen wrote me awhile ago about the accolades his most recent short film, Clean Freak, was gathering at various festivals, plus news about upcoming fests where people can check it out. It’s no wonder the film is doing so well because it’s great. My review here verifies that and if you see it playing in your town: Go. Since it’s taken me awhile to actually relay this news in a blog post, I wouldn’t be surprise if the film hadn’t racked up a bunch more accolades since Chris wrote me. Anyway, here’s the rundown of what’s been going on with Clean Freak lately:

1) The film won a Gold Remi award for short documentary at Houston Worldfest, held in April.

2) It also won a Certificate of Merit at the Rochester International Film Festival, held last week.

3) It also was a finalist for a USA Film Festival award and just screened at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival.

3) Upcoming screenings include:
a) Seattle True Independent Film Festival. No schedule available yet, but the fest will run in June.
b) ReelHeART International Film Festival: Screening Tues. June 17 at 7:15 p.m. (Chris’ film will be playing with actress Sean Young’s directorial debut, which I’m noting because I find that interesting.)

Finally, in other news, Chris regularly updates his blog regarding his next project, a feature-length film called Endings, which is currently in pre-production. Of course, I’m already anxious to see it.