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Clash Of The ’70s TV Show Titans

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 15, 2010

It’s the match-up every child of the ’70s wanted to see, but not in the way they’d expect. It’s Steve Austin vs. David Banner, aka the Six Million Dollar Man and the Incredible Hulk, in the rumble to end all rumbles. However, instead of pitting their superheroic alter egos in a mega-death match, mash-up artist Jamie Surgener has placed them into a giant robot battle scene from Stuart Gordon‘s cult giant robot classic Robot Jox.

The real Robot Jox was one of the ’90s last gasp low budget filmmaking efforts that extensively employed miniatures. In a few years, CGI animation would almost totally replace this “quaint” style of special effects. The plot of the film is something about how, in the future, wars would be fought between competing giant robots from different countries. But, who cares? This is about giant robots bashing each other to metallic pulp, using very detailed and intricate puppets. I would hope Ray Harryhausen would be more proud of this than the upcoming CGI remake of his Clash of the Titans.

Also, there’s a precedence to Surgener’s idea of placing ’70s superheroes in giant robots, as the Japanese did it for their Spider-Man TV show. Apparently, walking up walls, super-strength and shooting webs out of his wrists wasn’t cool enough for the Japanese, so they gave Spidey a giant robot. Go figure.

Lastly, miniature giant robot special effects aren’t dead at all! You just have to go underground to find them. Brian Lonano has revived the art of using miniatures for his hyper-violent and hysterical Attackazoids! short film series, of which you can watch the full first installment online.

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