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Circulation At Another Hole In The Head

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 6, 2008


Ryan Harper‘s trippy horror flick Circulation is screening at San Francisco’s Another Hole in the Head film festival on Saturday, June 7 at 2:45 p.m. with an additional screening a week later on Saturday, June 14 at 2:45 p.m.

Ryan sent the¬†Underground Film Journal a screener for the film a few weeks ago and I loved it. If you’re in S.F. on either of those dates, I highly recommend checking it out. One of the things I specifically praised about the film was the beautiful cinematography by Paul Nordin, which I think would look especially sweet on a big screen. The film has a lot of other great stuff going for it, too, including a nicely paced script by Ryan and a great lead performance by the very appealing Yvonne Delarosa. You can check out my full review here. And the trailer for the film is embedded below.

If you are interested in going, you can buy tickets in advance at the festival’s Withoutabox page. The festival’s going on right now and it looks like great fun. It’s a fest I should probably cover on the Underground Film Journal, but I didn’t think of it ahead of time. But, it’s running right now and won’t end until June 22. There’s a whole bunch of films I’d personally be interested in checking out, but one underground-themed note: 1) Jack Brooks Monster Slayer played at the Calgary Underground Film Festival a few months ago and it’s a film that’s generating a ton of buzz on the fest circuit this year.

But see Circulation first. It’s terrific.