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Cinema Abattoir Presents Istvan Kantor

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 24, 2008

Cinema Abattoir: Istvan Kantor

Cinema Abattoir, the underground film screening series in Montreal, is sponsoring a night with Istvan Kantor, the mixed media performance artist, on Sunday, May 25. Kantor has been mixing industrial music with video art for over twenty years now. This particular performance will feature Kantor and his current band, Red Armband, playing in front of videos by Kantor’s “multiple identity” Monty Cantsin. Monty’s videos will include:

Lebensraum: Spectacle of Noise
Blood of Many Filmmakers
Deadly Gift

In addition to Kantor and Cantsin, Abattoir will be showing films from their latest DVD compilation, Incarnation, as well as other films by filmmakers on the disc. Their first DVD, L’erotisme, was an amazing insta-classic, so this new one comes as a highly-anticipated item. The Incarnation videos screening are:

Flesh-Tone Genesis, dir. Usama Alshaibi
Pantelia, dir. Micki Pellerano
Pinhole Flames, dir. Amy Schwartz
Pandrogeny Manifesto, dirs. Aldo Lee and Dionysos Andronis
Oraison Theresienne, dir. Serge de Cotret
Burn, dirs. Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley
Passage, dir. Karl Lemieux
Yellow Fever, dir. Frédérick Maheux

May 25
7:00 p.m.
The Pound
377 Richmond (metro Lucien-l’Allier)

For more info, please visit the Cinema Abattoir website.