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Cinekink To Get Los Angeles Hot And Bothered: Oct. 8-10

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 5, 2010

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Cinekink, the NYC-based erotic film festival, is bringing its unique brand of sexuality to Los Angeles for three steamy nights on Oct. 8-10.

The festival’s definition of “erotica” is clearly a very broad one that includes neo-burlesque performers, bored dominatrices, kinky judges, randy sheep-women, 9/11 enthusiasts and more.

The feature films that are screening — the documentaries Waxie Moon by Wes Hurley and My Sexuality: A Sensory Experience by Felicia Giouzelis; and the fiction films S&M Judge by Erik Lamens and Modern Love Is Automatic by Zach Clark — were all award winners at the 2010 Cinekink. The short film program on the 9th, collectively titled “Best of Cinekink/2010,” also features a batch of award winners, while the other programs are a mix of general 2010 festival favorites.

Regular readers of the Underground Film Journal will have noticed that one of our favorite films of 2009, Modern Love Is Automatic, will be screening, so we’re thrilled about that. But also, included in the “Best of Cinekink” program, is two of our favorite short films of this year.

One is Loretta Hintz’s randy lesbian farm fantasy The Sheep and the Ranch Hand and the other is Jef Taylor‘s wonderfully complex 9/11 sexual dysfunction drama Coverage.

Cinekink screenings will take place at both the Echo Park Film Center and the Downtown Independent theater. For ticket and event info, please visit the official Cinekink website. The complete film lineup is listed below:

Oct. 8

8:00 p.m.: Waxie Moon, dir. Wes Hurley. This documentary profiles a classically-trained performer transforms himself into a neo-burlesque sensation. (2010 Cinekink Audience Choice Award: Honorable Mention)
Screening with:
A selection of past Cinekink favorites by Los Angeles-based alumni filmmakers.

Oct. 9

2:00 p.m.: “Bring It!”
Behind the Red Door, dir. Carlos Batts
Frisk Me, dir. Madison Young
Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out, dir. Courtney Trouble
Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex, dir. Tristan Taormino

4:00 p.m.: “Yes, Mistress”
The Pawn Layman, dir. Frank & Peter Lenze
Anti-samaritan Hotline, dir. A. Tad Chamberlain
Trampling MX Bear, dir. Gabriela Granados
Girls Rock, dir. Steven Speliotis
Taxi, Episode One: Domme, dir. Marie Angel
Service, dir. Julie Simone
Housekeeper, dir. Ben Lumpkin
Libidoland, dir. Julie Keck and Jessica King

6:00 p.m.: S&M Judge, dir. Erik Lamens. A judge gives into his wife’s pleas to get involved in the local S/M scene, but shortly after they do they’re caught up in a police sting operation. (2010 Cinekink Audience Choice Award: Best Narrative Feature)

Oct. 9

8:00 p.m.: “Best of Cinekink/2010”
The Sheep and the Ranch Hand, dir. Loretta Hintz (Read the review)
The Pinky Song, dir. Rick Ferguson
Balloons, dir. Charles Nuckolls
Handcuffs, dir. Erika Lust
Coverage, dir. Jef Taylor (Watch online)
Hungry for Love, dir. Ruckus Skye
Walking the Dog, dir. Luigi Campi

Oct. 10

7:30 p.m.: My Sexuality: A Sensory Experience, dir. Felicia Giouzelis. Five very different women explore new ways to reconnect with and explore their sexuality. (2010 Cinekink Audience Choice Award: Best Documentary Feature)

9:00 p.m.: Modern Love Is Automatic, dir. Zach Clark. A nurse whose heart isn’t in her job anymore moonlights as a dominatrix. (2010 Cinekink Select Award: Special Festival Award for Creative Vision) (Read the review)

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