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Chris Hansen Wants Your Endings

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 13, 2009

Man talks to a young girl wearing angel wings

Director Chris Hansen is hard at work editing his second feature film, Endings, which follows three strangers whose lives intersect on their last day on Earth. To help promote the movie already, Hansen has launched an Endings Facebook page where you can become a fan and create and upload your own video in which you describe how you’d spend your last day.

If you’re not on Facebook already — isn’t everybody, though? — you can still check out the page where you’ll find some great production and promotional stills, plus watch a clip from the work-in-progress. I already posted the clip up a few days ago and talked about how excited I am by the film already. It looks terrific.

But I think this is a great marketing idea by Hansen to get other folks excited for the film. For the truly independent filmmaker, getting people emotionally invested in a project by having them become a part of it in some way is a fun method to build up an audience. Hansen is encouraging fans to get creative and simply describe their last day or go all out and shoot a short film actually depicting how their last day might go. The best videos will eventually make their way to the official Endings website and other prizes will be announced. Oh, and please keep it clean.

So, check out the page, watch the clip, upload your video and get involved.

Also, in other Chris Hansen news, he reports on his blog that his first feature, The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah, is getting a small theatrical release in the Midwest. But there’s one problem: The film won’t play in theaters as long as the word “Messiah” is in the title nor with an image of Jesus on the poster for fear of offending religious folks. Hansen says he’s going to go ahead and change the title and poster to secure a release and if anybody has any ideas for a new title, you can leave your thoughts on his blog.