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Chris Hansen: Contemplating An Affair

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 11, 2010

Filmmaker and Baylor University professor Chris Hansen wants to have an affair. No, not that kind! He’s currently in pre-production on his latest feature film called simply An Affair, (UPDATE: Later re-titled Where We Started) a will-they-or-won’t-they drama about a man and a woman who meet in a hotel. Although married to other people, they have a flirtatious evening that runs the risk of turning into something more serious. To help promote the film, which will being lensing in June 2011, Hansen has created a pair of videos exploring the main characters’ inner turmoil. Her side of the affair is embedded above, and his is below.

In developing the film, Hansen is workshopping the script with his actors. The male lead, Will, is played by Matthew Brumlow, one of the stars of Hansen’s previous film, Endings. The female lead, Leah, is played by Cora Vander Broek, who is new to Hansen’s films, but is not unfamiliar with Brumlow. The two are married in real life.

As a professor at Baylor, Hansen typically involves his students on set in various capacities. However, in order to fill some key crew positions, he’s also raising funds via Kickstarter. The campaign is going on now through Dec. 1. Please watch the videos and decide if you’d like to contribute.

The official description of the film on the Kickstarter site reads:

Will Shelton is a 35-year-old actor still trying to make a go of his chosen profession. He is on his way home from a small commercial production. Leah Van Der Graf is a mid-30s wife and mom on her way home from caring for an ailing parent. They meet as they’re checking into a roadside motel, and the instant spark combined with their emotional vulnerability leads them to seriously consider a fling, or more. But as they talk throughout the night, they also become aware of their own manipulations and each others’ vulnerabilities. So the encounter that seemed to be about to happen becomes an exploration of their situations and the possible ramifications.

You can also read more about Chris Hanson at his official blog Making Movies in Flyover Country. Plus, read reviews of his previous films on the Underground Film Journal: The Proper Care & Feeding of an American Messiah, Clean Freak and Endings.