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Charles Manson Sings!

By Mike Everleth ⋅ July 5, 2008

So, it looks like good ol’ Charles Manson has been exhibiting some good behavior behind bars at Corcoran State Prison and officials let him cut the above embedded music video. I have to say this thing totally blows away anything he produced with Dennis Wilson back in the ’60s.

Ah, who am I kidding? That’s one of the songs from Mike Z‘s demented rock opera The Strip Cult, which has been terrorizing the Austin scene the past couple of months. Ron Weisberg plays Charlie and he does a pretty good Manson impression. I like this song. The music’s catchy and the lyrics are funny.

If that whets your appetite for more ’60s acid-rock craziness, there’s a couple more videos available courtesy of co-producer Andy Gately of the Austin Underground Film Festival, which is currently looking for entries. Now, what we really need is the good people of Austin to make this thing a huge hit so that these folks can tour the country and bring their musical mayhem to all of our fair cities. Until then, we have these videos shot from performances at the Hideout and Ruta Maya:

If women gyrating in their underwear is more your thing, here’s the song “Somethin’ ‘Bout the Way You Move,” which is sung by the character Richard Pig, “a washed-up actor who visits his favorite strip club, the EZ Way Out.” You can also spot Mike Z and Andy playing instruments in the background when the cameramen waver from shooting the girls:

Next, we have a teaser trailer featuring several different bits from the entire show:

The entire production looks like a real hoot. I wish I could see the full show, but this will have to do for the time being. For more info, please visit The Strip Cult official site, which currently has a fun interview with Mike Z and Manson on the front page, and the show’s MySpace page.