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Watch amazing short films from the entire history of underground film in the United States, from the 1930s to the early 2000s. And, if you go far back enough into our archives, you’ll find modern short films, movie trailers, film festival trailers and other great video.


Classic Underground Short Film: Portland

A trip to hell and back is recounted in Greta Snider’s classic underground short film, Portland. Living the ultimate punk lifestyle, a group of friends relive the disaster that was hopping the rails from California to Portland, crashing at a not-so-abandoned house and fighting to reclaim their belongings.

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Short Film: Baggs: The Movie

Prepare yourself for the best ’80s movie made in the mid-aughts: Jon Clark’s Baggs: The Movie. Imagine an alternate past in which the hackey sack fad of the ’80s -inspired a low budget exploitation feature.

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Short Film: The Unreachable Pyramid

A beloved and joyful video game character becomes a vision of tragedy in The Unreachable Pyramid, an emotionally disturbing short film by Brady Hall. A young woman dresses herself in a giant Q-Bert costume to mask the painfulness of her existence, only to discover there is no escape from her anguish.

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Short Film: Tanabe

What’s it like to watch a man get beaten to death? Hopefully, not many of us will ever have to witness such a thing. But, we can experience that horror vicariously through the vivid verbal imagery painted by L.A. poet Doctor Mongo in the short film Tanabe, directed by Michael Rouse.

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Classic Underground Short Film: Madball

Filmmaker Charles Pinion is most well-known for his garish video splatter movies, like Twisted Issues and We Await. However, embedded above is his one completed foray into working with celluloid, the subdued (for him) fever dream known as Madball. A naive, well-kept young man enters a nightmare world of odd, depraved creatures that make his — and maybe yours — brain bleed.

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Short Experimental Film: Charade

Hollywood is a place where one can completely reinvent oneself for fame and fortune. Experimental filmmaker Salise Hughes plays with the entire notion of shifting one’s identity with another entry in her “erased film” entries: Her brilliant reworking of the classic screwball mystery romance Charade.

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Jonas Mekas: In Solidarity With Tartars And Ukraina

And now a little dinner music courtesy of the short diary video In Solidarity With Tartars and Ukraina by Jonas Mekas, who captures a lively performance by roaming musicians. The where, the why, the wherefore are all unimportant. All that matters here is the energy of the moment captured by a master video diarist.

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