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Cashiers Du Cinemart Returns To Print And E-Newstands

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 22, 2011

Magazine cover featuring a sexy girl giving a demon a tattoo

Cashiers du Cinemart, the legendary cult movie zine that puts all other movie zines to shame, has returned with a brand new print edition that is available in a variety of formats, from an old school photocopied version to a glossy high-end print-on-demand version to an electronic Kindle edition and more.

After a four-year hiatus, publisher and editor Mike White has returned to the printed page as part of a wider “Print Is Not Dead” movement. In typical fashion of it’s earlier print editions, Cashiers du Cinemart #16 is a massive 100-plus page endeavor with contributions from numerous writers, including White himself, riffing on classic cult movies, taking apart mainstream films, analyzing obscure genres, interviewing filmmakers a ton more fun stuff.

This new print zine comes hot on the heels of the hit book Impossibly Funky: A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection, which gathered the best articles from the zine’s previous 15 issues, and comes in the wake of The Projection Booth, a new movie podcast co-hosted by White and Mondo Justin. Episodes of The Projection Booth have included audio interviews with Tom Holland, Richard Elfman, Michael Paré, Albert Pyun and other cult movie luminaries.

So, although Cashiers du Cinemart never came fully online like so many other film zines in the ’90s did, White has recently been aggressively returning to the clever, smart and unique analysis of movie history that he developed in the print world.

But, of course, White doesn’t do it all himself, but he does have the uncanny ability to attract an array of talented contributors. Some of the writers in Cashiers du Cinemart #16 include longtime contributors Skizz Cyzyk, Rich Osmond and Chris Cummins; plus, Andrew Rausch, Kyle Barrowman, Ralph Elawani, Karen Lillis and others.

To get a copy of Cashiers du Cinemart #16, you can either buy a photocopied version from White himself via PayPal, a paperback print-on-demand version from Lulu, and an electronic e-book version on Amazon’s Kindle. Other versions may be available, which you can find out about at White’s official blog, Impossible Funky.

Here’s the full table of contents of Cashiers du Cinemart #16:

  1. Skizz Cyzyk … “Film Festival X Is a Scam”
    A warning to the naive filmmaker
  2. Mike Malloy … “These Massacres Could Have Been Avoided”
    A study of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise
  3. Andrew Rausch … “The Sound of Thunder”
    An interview with Heywood Gould about Rolling Thunder
  4. Kyle Barrowman … “Identity & Arnie”
    A response to Pat Bishow’s piece in Cashiers du Cinemart 13
  5. Ralph Elawani … “Maple Syrup Porn”
    Dirty movies from the Great White North
  6. Mike Sullivan … “Like Watching a Laurel & Hardy Short Seen Through a Fog of Deep Depression”
    An interview with Adam Resnick (Cabin Boy, Death to Smoochy, etc.)
  7. Rich Osmond … “Rural Mayhem: Georgia Peaches
    A review of the classic TV movie
  8. Chris Cummins … “Breaking Glass: The Experience Is Shattering”
    A review of the punk rock classic
  9. David MacGregor … “Thank the Pig”
    An appreciation of Babe 2: Pig in the City
  10. Dion Conflict … “Heaven or Vegas: A Sin City Sleeper”
    A review of Gregory C. Haynes’s film
  11. Jef Burnham … “The Monster in the Gelatin”
    A look at Reindeer Games
  12. Karen Lillis … “Downtown 2001: A review essay of Downtown 81”
    Life in NYC in the early 2000s
  13. Mike White … “Death on the Highway: Killer Cars”
    Driving down the highway to hell
  14. Mike White … “Love Not Given Lightly”
    The cinema of domination and the domination of cinema
  15. Mike White … “Documenting the Scene”
    BDSM in the movies
  16. Joshua Gravel & Mike White … “Video Reviews”
    A bunch of movie reviews
  17. Mike White … “Book Reviews”
    Yes, books still matter

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