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Calls For Entry: Migrating Forms, B-Movie, Coney Island, New Orleans

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 9, 2012

Migrating Forms

Text logo for Migrating Forms

Migrating Forms, the premiere festival for experimental media, is now open for entries for their fourth annual edition that will run at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City on May 11-20.

Each year, Migrating Forms programs the most innovative, challenging, medium-defying, unique and flat-out unidentifiable films and videos from all over the world. Work ranges from the artistic documentary to the completely non-narrative filmic experiments to genre-bending narratives and more.

If you feel your film or video belongs in the upper echelon of experimental media-making, then this is the fest to try to get in to.

Early Deadline: Feb. 15, 2012
Entry Fee: $30

Regular Deadline: Mar. 1, 2012
Entry Fee: $40

Final Deadline: Mar. 15, 2012
Entry Fee: $50

Please visit the official Migrating Forms website for more info!

B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival

Text logo for the B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival

On the other side of the world is one of the more outrageous cult movie fests, the B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival in the Netherlands. This year’s edition will overrun the city of Breda on Sept. 5-9. The¬†Underground Film Journal has heard from filmmakers who have attended the fest that it’s a really great time.

Last year, BUT Fest screened numerous underground favorites, such as¬†Underground Film Journal 2012 Movie of the Year Profane by Usama Alshaibi, plus Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc‘s The Taint and Adam Rehmeier‘s The Bunny Game, none of which are for the faint of heart.

If your film is outrageous, extreme, mind-numbing or stomach-churning, then BUT Fest is for you. Even better is that it doesn’t cost anything to submit.

Final Deadline: Jun. 1, 2012
Entry Fee: Free

Please visit the official B-movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival website for more info!

Coney Island Film Festival

Film festival logo that looks like a postcard from Coney Island

Back in NYC, the 12th annual Coney Island Film Festival is set to rock the Brooklyn beachside on Sept. 21-23.

Again, the¬†Underground Film Journal knows several filmmakers who have attended this fest and have rightly dubbed it a blast. It’s the only film festival in the world that takes place in a literal freakshow, so how could it not be!

Of course, the fest favors films that have been made in Coney Island or nearby NYC boroughs, but they accept all kinds of groovy movies from all over the world, including fun documentaries, comedies, thrillers and tons and tons of short films. To get a feel for what the fest likes, check out last year’s lineup.

Early Deadline: Feb. 24, 2012
Entry Fee: $25

Regular Deadline: Apr. 27, 2012
Entry Fee: $30

Late Deadline: Jun. 28, 2012
Entry Fee: $35

Final Deadline: Jul. 12, 2012
Entry Fee: $45

Please visit the official Coney Island Film Festival website for more info!

New Orleans Film Festival

The New Orleans Film Festival, which will be celebrating its 232nd year on Oct. 12-18, 2012, is a traditional indie type film fest, but they’re specifically looking to beef up their experimental short film program.

Last year, the fest screened short films by Penny Lane, Tony Gault and Jonathan Caouette among others, so they certainly know how to pick great experimental work. Definitely a fest to look into if your film is of an experimental nature.

Earlybird Submission: Feb. 17, 2012
Entry Fee: $30

Regular Submission: March 30, 2012
Entry Fee: $35

Late Submission: May 4, 2012
Entry Fee: $40

WAB Extended Deadline: June 4, 2012
Entry Fee: $65

Please visit the official New Orleans Film Festival website for more info!