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Calls For Entry: Gaze Film Series, Arizona Underground, Spooky Movie

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 10, 2012

Gaze Film Series

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Our first listing is an ongoing monthly film series, not a festival. So, there are no deadlines, no limit to how much you can submit and no submission fees. But, there is one catch: You have to be a female filmmaker to submit.

The Gaze Film Series is dedicated to any and all film and video made by women artists. They are currently accepting media in all formats, all lengths and any subject matter. Submissions can also be new work or previously screened material.

Screenings will take place monthly at the Artists Television Access center in San Francisco, California and films will be selected by a “committee of women cineastes.” No date has been set yet for the debut screening.

For more guidelines and to submit, please visit the Gaze Film Series website.

Arizona Underground Film Festival

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The Arizona Underground Film Festival will celebrate its fifth anniversary in 2012 and it’s planning to do so with a real bang! Which is pretty exciting since the fest, which has swiftly become a major presence on the underground scene, has been pretty bangin’ every year since launching in 2008.

AUFF usually has a pretty eclectic lineup that leans towards the more extreme ends of international cinema, whether the films it programs are in the horror, comedy, documentary or exploitation genres.

On the one hand, they totally don’t shy away from the rough stuff, such as last year’s lineup that included Adam Rehmeier‘s controversial S&M flick The Bunny Game, James Bickert’s biker exploitation throwback Dear God No! and Damon Russell’s documentary/fiction gangster hybrid Snow on tha Bluff.

On the other hand, last year there was the good ol’ time entertainment of Noboru Iguchi’s martial arts robot homage Karate Robo Zaborgar, Tristan Patterson’s skateboarding slacker documentary Dragonslayer, the Tom Sizemore starring KKK comedy White Night and Emily Lu’s haunted house thriller The Selling. You can see the full lineup here.

Please visit the official AUFF website for full submission info. The deadlines are below:

Early Deadline:
March 30

Features: $35
Shorts: $30

Regular Deadline:
May 18

Features: $40
Shorts: $35

Late Deadline:
June 29

Features: $50
Shorts: $40

Final Deadline:
July 25,

Features: $65
Shorts: $55

Spooky Movie International Film Festival

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Washington, D.C.’s Spooky Movie International Film Festival is, oh, so much more than just a fest devoted to horror movies. Each year — and they’re heading into their 7th in 2012 — Spooky Movie actually seeks to re-define what the whole notion of “horror” even means with genre-bending flicks from all over the world.

Yes, there’s plenty of blood, guts and scares to go around, but those things get sprayed around in the most imaginative ways possible. Last year, they screened and screamed fare like Calvin Lee Reeder‘s surreal The Oregonian, Kenneth Cran’s hillbilly giant monster movie The Millennium Bug, Howard J. Ford’s African zombie epic The Dead and Travis Campbell’s slaughter musical Mr. Bricks. You can view last year’s full lineup here.

Spooky Movie is looking for both feature-length movies and short films that will terrify and defy expectations.

Please visit the official Spooky Movie website for full submission info. The deadlines are below:

Early Deadline:
March 30

Feature: $35
Short: $25

Regular Deadline:
May 25

Feature: $45
Short: $35

Late Deadline:
June 22

Feature: $50
Short: $45

Final Deadline:
July 27

Feature: $60
Short: $55