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BUFF & BUFF on the Road

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 8, 2006

Woman wearing a dress showing a man her leg
1) Psychopathia Sexualis opens today at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater in NYC. The film won the Director’s Choice award at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. I’ve written about this before, but wanted to bring it up again because I just discovered that director Bret Wood keeps a blog where he links to Psychopathia reviews (both good and bad), writes about what he’s working on now and he has a full list of where Psychopathia will be playing on its “road trip” this summer, including Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

2) Abel Raises Cain: Jenny Abel’s documentary won the Best Feature award winner at the 2005 Brooklyn Underground Film Festival and will now have a special two-night screening on June 9-10 in Philadelphia at the Arts Bank as part of the First Person Festival. Also, if you go to this page and print it out you can get 50% off of the ticket (15 bucks regular). Visit the film’s official website here.