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2006 Brooklyn Underground Film Festival: Lineup Preview

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 1, 2006

The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival has recently announced some of the films they’re going to be screening:

1) My Grandmother’s House–A personal documentary by Adan Aliaga (opening night film).

2) The Empire in Africa–A documentary about Sierra Leone by Phillipe Diaz (closing night film).

3) High Score–A documentary on video game addicts by Jeremy Mack.

4) The Other Side–About U.S./Mexico border relations by Bill Brown.

5) The Samantha Smith Project–An examination of the Cold War and the media by Irene Lustzig.

6) Looking for the Lost Voice–A documentary on Israel by Tzipi Trope.

7) Lifelike–A look at taxidermy by Tally Abecassis.

8) Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash–A collection of crazy Japanese TV show moments.

9) Letters From the Other Side–An ode to Mexican immigrants by Heather Courtney.

10) Clever Monkey Pinochet Versus La Moneda Pigs–Kids improvising on Chilean history by Bettina Perut and Ivan Osnovikoff.

Sounds like a very interesting lineup, especially the focus on foreign countries and U.S. border/immigration issues that seem to be heating up. Next year we’ll probably be seeing documentaries on the massive protests we’ve had all over the country this month.

All screenings are at the Brooklyn Lyceneum in Park Slope. Festival runs April 19-23. I’ll post when a full schedule is released, but you can find more info at BUFF’s official website.