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2006 Brooklyn Underground Film Festival: Full Schedule

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 12, 2006

An angel and a demon in a cemetery

The Brooklyn Underground Film Festival has posted it’s full schedule (April 19-23) on its website. They make it a little hard to link directly to stuff on their site, so if you want the pretty version of the schedule go to the main page and find it yourself.

Off the bat I have to say that if you go see one film at the fest, go see Lisa Barcy‘s The Guilt Trip during Sunday’s short film collection “Toil and Trouble.” Yes, Lisa’s a friend, but she’s a great animator and she’s made an absolutely brilliant puppet animation short. I recommend it very, very highly. The fest has a great description of the film on their site:

In an instance of unprecedented iconoclastic revolution, Jesus and Mary Magdalene throw in the towel and escape from the Vatican on a wild joy ride. This is the dark animated hymn to their adventures, to their sin, and to our own humanity.

I’ve already posted a list of the feature films here, but I’ve updated it to include links to BUFF’s info pages on them, which include detailed descriptions, images and trailers.

I also found this video interview with Program Director Josh Koury. Josh previously directed the documentary Standing By Yourself, which aired at the 2002 New York Underground Film Festival. You can read my review here.