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Boston Underground Film Festival Presents: Let Them Eat Rock

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 28, 2006

Movie poster featuring the band The Upper Crust

The Boston Underground Film Festival presents another one of their special screenings. This Saturday, Dec. 2 at Midnight, they will be showing the documentary Let Them Eat Rock, which is about gonzo band The Upper Crust who perform dressed in 18th-century costumes. Here’s the fest’s full description:

At the brink of becoming big, yet putting their record company out of business, the highs and lows of being in a band are exposed. Live performances (including the Conan O’Brien Show and venues around Boston) with behind the scenes footage are contrasted with the band members’ day jobs and home life. Thus revealing their transformation from average Joe to European nobleman. Take the lead singer Ted for instance; a Harvard professor by day, Lord Rockingham at night singing about “Monarchy in the U.S.A,” a song which later fuels an F.B.I investigation of the band. Divided into two periods, five years apart, we see how their contrasting personalities and interests shape the outcome of the band. As well as the ironic changes that five years can bring.

Sounds like a hoot. Also, director Rodman Flender will be in attendance, plus there will be a performance from Black Cat Burlesque.

Here’s the full screening info:

Sat., Dec. 2
Coolidge Corner Theater

And you can buy tickets early here.

Please visit the Boston Underground Film Festival official site.