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2006 Boston Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 7, 2006

Man with face tattooed to look like a lizard
I personally love the idea of having a “Most Effectively Offensive” award (#7 below).

1) Best Documentary:
Modify, dir. Jason Gary and Greg Jacobson
runner up:
Riot On!, dir. Kim Finn

2) Best Animation:
Overtime, dir. Oury Atlan
runner up:
She She She’s a Bombshell, dir. Ben Levin

3) Best Experimental:
Self Important Imperical Film #3 with Voice Over, dir. Dave Andrae
runner up:
The Fine Art of Poisoning, dir. Bill Domonkos

4) Best of Fest Short:
Blackout, dir. June Lee
runner up:
Laundromancer, dir. Christina Ray

5) Best of Fest Feature:
The French Guy, dir. Anne Marie Fleming
runner up:
Horsie’s Retreat, dir. Tony Asimakopolus

6) Most Promising New England Filmmaker
Christopher Kinsella — Slice of Heaven
runner up:
Todd Davis — In the Tradition of My Family

7) Most Effectively Offensive:
Neighborhood Watch, dir. Graeme Whifler
runner up:
Reflections of Evil, dir. Damon Packard (Watch Online)

8) Director’s Choice Feature:
Psychopathia Sexualis, dir. Bret Wood
runner up:
Nightmare, dir. Dylan Bank

9) Director’s Choice Short:
Fields of Mudan, dir. Stevo Chang
runner up:
Monsters, dir. Robert Morgan

(P.S. The Director’s Choice runner up, Nightmare, will be showing at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on Saturday, April 22. And of course more info on all the films can be found at the BUFF website.)