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Boston Underground Film Festival Announces New Award

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 9, 2007

Honestly, a film fest giving away a new award isn’t that exciting, especially one that’s got a sponsor’s name attached. But what’s interesting about the one announced by the Boston Underground Film Festival last week is the prize attached to it.

BUFF will present “The Dewey” this year, also known as the Sir Thomas Dewar Award for Excellence in Wordsmithing, and yes it’s being sponsored by the booze company. The award will be “presented to the most outstanding quotation or saying from all films screened this year.” But what’s sweet is that the winner will get 5,000 bucks, an Apple MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro, and will get to make a film for The Dewar’s Collective (whatever that is). The winner will be announced on Fri. March 23 at Harvard Square.

So, someone could possibly write a line like, “You smell like you just ate a cum-filled burrito” and walk off with several grand in cash and prizes. Deadline for this year’s fest is Jan. 15, so if you haven’t written something as snappy as that yet, get crackin’ and get submittin’.