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Bonnafont Gallery: Films By Dominic Angerame

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 21, 2011

The letter C logo for Canyon Cinema

June 24
7:00 p.m.
The Bonnafont Gallery
946a Greenwich St.
(between Taylor and Jones)
San Francisco, CA 94133

Hosted by: The Bonnafont Gallery

Dominic Angerame has made over forty films since 1969. This mini-retrospective screening of his work will include more than 25% of his total output. All films will be projected in 16mm and there is no admission charge.

Films included in the lineup are: Continuum; Deconstruction Sight; Premoniton; In the Course of Human
Events and Line of Fire. Plus, there were will be screenings of several of Angerame’s erotic films, such as Battle Stations — A Navel Adventure; Voyeuristic Tenden-cies; Pixiescope, Waifen Maiden and his newest film The Soul of Things.

In addition to making films, Angerame serves as the Executive Director of the legendary San Francisco film distributor Canyon Cinema. Back in March, he sent out an open letter laying out Canyon’s current economic problems, mostly brought on by the modern availability of classic experimental films on DVD, thus rendering Canyon’s 16mm film library close to obsolete. You can read Angerame’s letter on the Underground Film Journal here.

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