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2006 Austin Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 21, 2006

Anarchist punk trying to start a revolution

One night only on May 23 at the Austin Underground Film Festival, you can watch 14 great short films at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which you see on TV all the time because it’s that place where they serve full meals while you watch movies. I think I just saw it featured again on the Austin episode of Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels. And, yes, I watch stupid shit like that all the time. They’ll be serving the regular menu (in PDF) at AUFF and if I were going I’d order the Fried Pickles, “Wild at Artichoke Hearts” Pizza and a pitcher of Guiness. (What the hell is a Fried Pickle? Oh, that.)

The real standout here is not one, but two films by¬†Underground Film Journal favorite Mike Z. AUFF will be showing both Could This Be Real? and How to Start a Revolution in America. Mike Z is a master of the “fake” documentary genre and Revolution is a real hoot.

Here’s the full shorts listing:

The Old Negro Space Program (Director: Andy Bobrow)

Could This Be Real? (Director: Mike Z)

Re:Code Commercial

Portrait of the Artist at 16 (Director: Jay Stern)

Hot to Start a Revolution in America (Director: Mike Z)

An Apple a Day (Kevin Maher)

A Meditation on the Speed Limit (Director: Andy Medlin)

Tales of Mere Existence (Director: Lev)

Excess Psilo (Director: Fathy Elsherif)

I’m Not Stealing, Don’t Put Me Behind Bars

Information, Lullaby (Director: Andy Bond)

Where There Is a Will, There Will Be a Living Wage (Director: Patrick Phillips)

Texas Hospitality: Final Meal Requests (Director: Michael Pfaendtner)

Don’t Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July (Director: Richard Pell)