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Aurora Picture Show: What If, Why Not?: Underground Adventures With Ant Farm

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 9, 2009

Audience watching a film at the Aurora Picture Show

Nov. 12
7:00 p.m.
University of Houston College of Architecture Auditorium, Entrance 18
5102 Navigation
Houston, TX

Hosted by: Aurora Picture Show

What If, Why Not?: Underground Adventures With Ant Farm, directed by Laura Harrison and Elizabeth Federici, is a documentary about the radical ’70s underground architectural group Ant Farm, which is most famous for the Cadillac Ranch art project in Amarillo, TX where Cadillac automobiles were buried halfway in the ground with their tail ends sticking up on the air. This screening is a rough cut of the documentary.

Ant Farm also produced several video art pieces, such as Media Burn (1975), in which a Cadillac is shot through a wall of flaming TVs, and The Eternal Frame (1975), which recreated the assassination of JFK.

At this screening, both filmmakers Harrison and Federici will be in attendance; as will Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier of Ant Farm. For more info, please visit the Aurora Picture Show website.

UPDATE: The film was later retitled Space, Land and Time: Underground Adventures With Ant Farm.

Watch the Space, Land and Time trailer:

Rear fins of a '50s Cadillac poking out of the ground

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