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Astria Suparak: The Warehouse Gallery

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 17, 2006

Colorful portrait of curator Astria Suparak

Video curator extraordinaire Astria Suparak unveils her latest project: Curating the debut exhibition at Syracuse’s new Warehouse Gallery space entitled “CMAC: The Roots of Collaboration.”

The Warehouse Gallery is located at the edge of Armory Squre in downtown Syracuse, housed in the former Dunk & Bright furniture warehouse. I’ve actually been Armory Square. Nice area.

This is not a video exhibition, but a combination of all the arts, e.g. paining, photography, etc., and encourages interactivity with gallery visitors through special projects. The press release regarding the exhibition doesn’t mention any video either, but this sounds like a cool project and we always want to wish Astria well in whatever endeavor she embarks on. About the CMAC exhibit, she says:

“This exhibition reveals the unique personality of each Coalition member, elucidating the different objectives and sampling treasures from each collection. It was conceived to appeal to a wide range of audiences.” She adds, “It has something for everyone, whether you’re a tree-hugger, pet-lover, art buff, D&D enthusiast, political activist, contortionist, and/or artist!”

Sounds like fun. As for the groups involved in the collaboration, they are:

SUArt Galleries
Light Work
The Special Collections Research Center of Syracuse University Library
The Community Folk Art Center

The exhibit will run from now until October 19, 2006 and the Warehouse Gallery will be holding a special reception on Thursday, Sept. 21 from 5 to 8 p.m. For more info, visit the gallery’s website.