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Artists’ Television Access: Reckon The Earth

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 16, 2011

Audience watching a sci-fi movie at Other Cinema

June 17
8:00 p.m.
ATA Gallery
992 Valencia (@ 21st)
San Francisco, CA

Hosted by: ATA Gallery

Curated by Madison Brookshire (with an assist from Zach Iannazzi), “Reckon the Earth” is a collection of short films dealing with the environment. The majority of the films are by Los Angeles-based artists and both Brookshire and Iannazzi have one film each of their own in the lineup.

Brookshire himself is from L.A. and his short film OPENING, which will feature live music accompaniment, is a collection of images of the “in-between” spaces in cities, such as back alleys and off ramps. Iannazzi, who’s from San Francisco, will screen his TARP, a B&W meditation on “light trails of the golden west.”

Other artists with films in the lineup include Vera Brunner Sung, whose Minong, I slept was filmed on a remote wilderness island; Alexandra Cuesta’s Piensa en Mi is a “contemplative journey of public transport in the city of Los Angeles;” Ben Rodkin’s Merciful Men follows Mexican migrant farm workers who toil in the fields in 115-degree heat; and Brigid McCaffrey’s Castaic Lake “drifts in to the coves and surveys the shorelines of a multi-use reservoir to unearth fragments of its young history.”

The full lineup is below, along with each film’s technical details:

Minong, I Slept, dir. Vera Brunner Sung (Color 16mm silent film. 5 minutes. 2010.)
Piensa en Mi, dir. Alexandra Cuesta (Color 16mm sound film. 15 minutes. 2009.)
OPENING, dir. Madison Brookshire (Color 16mm film, sound and silent with live music. 25 minutes. 2007.)
(Music performed by Ezra Buchla, Laura Steenberge and Tashi Wada.)

— Intermission —

Merciful Men, dir. Ben Rodkin (Black and white digitized super-16mm with stereo sound. 11 minutes. 2011.)
TARP, dir. Zach Iannazzi (Black and white 16mm silent film. 3 minutes. 2011.)
Castaic Lake, dir. Brigid McCaffrey. Color 16mm sound film. 28½ minutes. 2010.

Still from Madison Brookshire’s OPENING:

Man selling oranges while standing underneath powerlines