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Anthology Film Archives: Nine Love Inspired Shorts

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 12, 2011

Outside corner of the Anthology Film Archives in New York City

Feb. 14
7:30 p.m.
Anthology Film Archives
2nd Ave at 2nd St.

Hosted by: Flaherty Seminar

If it’s Valentine’s Day, that means it’s time for only one thing: A night of romantic experimental films! For February, the monthly Flaherty Seminar screenings at the Anthology Film Archives is dedicated to all things love; including brand new videos by Jacqueline Goss and Peggy Ahwesh, and a classic, rare documentary by Tony Ganz and Rhody Streeter from 1971.

Collage art of people working in their yard

Some of the highlights include the full 28-minute cut-out animated musical Yard Work Is Hard Work by Jodie Mack. You can watch a toe-tapping, exuberant excerpt from this film below. (Or watch in full online.) Plus, Honeymoon Hotel by Tony Ganz and Rhody Streeter is a rare 1971 documentary where newlyweds are interviewed at one of those crazily decorated places in Pennylvania’s Poconos resort area.

There’s also the world premieres of Peggy Ahwesh‘s Synchronized Fountain #2, Dubai and Jacqueline GossTying the Knot, a “short ode to marriage.”

There’s several other intriguing films playing, so if you’re looking for an off-kilter way to spend Valentine’s Day, this is the place to be. Here’s the full lineup:

Honeymoon Hotel, dir. Tony Ganz and Rhody Streeter (1971, 4 min)
Sincerely, Joe P. Bear, dir. Matt McCormick (1999, 4 min)
From Alex to Alex, dir. Alison Kobayashi (2006, 6 mins)
Eros c’est Lamour, dir. Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty (2008, 8 min)
Synchronized Fountain #2, Dubai, dir. Peggy Ahwesh (2010, 3 min)
Valentine for Perfect Strangers, dir. Ben Coonley (2006, 4 min)
Tying the Knot, dir. Jacqueline Goss (2010, 2 min)
Yard Work Is Hard Work, dir. Jodie Mack (2008, 28 min) (Watch online)
People In Order #3: Love, dir. Lenka Clayton and James Price (2006, 3 min)