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Announcing: Become An Underground Film Journal Sponsor

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 23, 2012

The¬†Underground Film Journal is looking for a few good sponsors. We have opened up the website’s sidebar for sponsor banners that can be had for ridiculously low introductory prices. Promote your film screening, DVD release, festival dates, online video, website, book and/or services to thousands of underground film fans all over the globe.

This new sponsor program solves the problem of underground film promotion that has to struggle to get heard in the non-stop cacophony of mainstream media chatter. Still, hundreds of people a day come directly to the Underground Film Journal to find unique and out-of-the-ordinary media. With an eye-catching banner, a filmmaker, a festival, a distributor and others can stay within view of their potential audiences on a daily basis.

And, in addition to the banners, the¬†Underground Film Journal will publish a weekly “Support Our Sponsors” article with information on all sponsors with one randomly chosen sponsor to be a spotlight pick.

Kicking things off, there are two sponsored banner sizes for sale:

300 x 125
$10 / month

Medium Sample Ad

300 x 75
$5 / month

Small Sample Ad

That means for either $10 or $5 a month, that gets a sponsor a banner ad on all pages of the website and mentions in four “Support Our Sponsors” articles. (Some preference will be given to $10 sponsors in the articles.) (1 Month = 31 days from when the banner goes live.)

Interested? Please contact us on our Advertising page for inquiries and for more information.

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