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Lisa Barcy: Music Video “Anonanimal” By Andrew Bird

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 29, 2009

Embedded above is the new music video for Andrew Bird‘s song “Anonanimal.” It’s directed by Chicago animator Lisa Barcy.

Musician Andrew Bird plays with sea creatures

Like all of Barcy’s work, it’s a highly imaginative piece that takes place in an unique environment. Here, we’re dropped into an undersea kingdom filled with undulating and globulating amorphous sea creatures getting their happy vibe on. I especially like the black and dark blue background with the day-glo creatures bouncing along it, kind of like an undersea black velvet painting come to life. Mid-way through the video, Bird makes an appearance as the scientist studying the happy little creatures that are possibly especially giddy by the song he’s singing.

This is Barcy’s first original animation for a music video. Previously, her short film Mermaid had been re-edited to fit the song “Lull” also by Andrew Bird. Barcy has also uploaded the full version of Mermaid online, but I’m going to leave embedding and writing about that at a later date.

Also, the video was edited Brian R. Johnson, who previously edited the feature-length documentary Plaster Caster.

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