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AFI Silver Theater: Heavy Metal Picnic World Premiere

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 3, 2010

Exterior of the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

Aug. 6
9:30 p.m.
AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center
8633 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910

The year: 1985. The place: “The Farm,” MD. The party: The Full Moon Jamboree, one hell-raisin’, balls-out, long-weekend bacchanal that was so raucous it made the evening news — and not for any reason that was good. Revisit the good ol’ time to end all good ol’ times by the mighty masters of ’80s rock ‘n’ roll debauchery: Jeff Krulik and John Heyn.

Heavy Metal Picnic is a first-hand account of one massive, outrageous farm party that terrified the neighbors and local officials. Krulik and Heyn, of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame, have assembled the long unseen hand-recorded VHS footage that was captured by the Full Moon Jamboree’s attendees and combined it with modern-day interviews with those who organized it, lived it and have fond memories of it.

Shirtless heavy metal musician at an outdoor concert

While the original Heavy Metal Parking Lot inspired several sequels, such as Neil Diamond Parking Lot, Harry Potter Parking Lot and an eight-episode Parking Lot series on the now-defunct Trio Network, this is the first time Heyn and Krulik are returning to their heavy metal roots, as it were. However, while HMPL was all about the rowdy preamble to a Judas Priest concert, Heavy Metal Picnic includes actual bands performing live, such as the doom metal band Asylum.

The rest is pure heavy metal mayhem, with drunk or similarly fucked up partiers angling to get their 15 seconds of socially impaired fame in front of any video camera waved in front of their face. This is exactly the type of party that you wouldn’t believe unless you were there or it were recorded for posterity. And thank god somebody recorded it!

At this World Premiere, both filmmakers John Heyn and Krulik will be in attendance as will several people associated with the party, including Full Moon Jamboree creator Billy Gordon, Rudy Childs and the Earth Dogs, Asylum featuring Ronnie Kalimon and Dale Flood, and Tito Cantero, Ken Guillette and Chris Lucid of “The Farm.”

Watch the trailer: