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AceArtInc: Guy Maddin’s The Little White Cloud That Cried

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 24, 2009

Nov. 28
10:00 p.m.
290 McDermot Avenue (2nd floor)
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hosted by: AceArtInc.

Come see the Winnipeg premiere of Guy Maddin‘s latest film The Little White Cloud That Cried at the AceArtInc. gallery as part of their Winter Warmer annual members show. It is a short and, according to the Cineflyer website, it is an “explicit tribute to legendary underground filmmaker Jack Smith.”

The film is shot in 16mm (not sure what format it’ll be screened in) and features sea goddesses rising out of the ocean to have a gay old time and whoop it up. The film also stars Lexi Tronic and Breanna Taylor and features photos by Steve Ackerman.

Personally, I haven’t seen too many Guy Maddin films, but I have seen another one of his short films, Sissy Boy Slap Party, that seemed heavily influenced by Jack Smith, as well. That film was made in 1995. So, I don’t know how much in general Maddin has been inspired by Smith, but apparently there’s a strong connection there.

But, if you’re in Winnipeg on Nov. 28, you should go.

Close up of Lexi Tronic's lips

Also, I found this interesting profile of Lexi Tronic, a transsexual star of the Canadian documentary series Kink. In addition to starring in The Little White Cloud That Cried, she also credits herself as its screenwriter. Most interestingly, to the Underground Film Journal, Tronic used to go by the name Clayton Godson and starred as the evil hairdresser Spanky in Noam Gonick‘s Hey, Happy!, which I reviewed at the 2001 New York Underground Film Festival and is also currently streaming online. That was a really great, over-the-top performance.

I couldn’t find any info on Breanna Taylor or Steve Ackerman.

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